Fashion Photographers

There are many influential fashion photographers in the industry. Today, I will discuss a few of the most iconic photographers that elevated the fashion industry with their work.

One of them is Steven Meisel, American based photographer, who worked with Vogue Italia from 1988 whose work is well known for controversial photo shoots. ‘Face the Future’ and ‘Makeover madness’ were one of the shocking ones, featuring models in glamorous clothes going through pain to appear ‘perfect’. It was featured in Vogue Italia, 2005 July issue. Supermodel Linda Evangelista has also participated in the shoot, portraying the whole madness with sarcasm, thus the word ‘madness’. His other photoshoot called ‘Face the Future’ links with ‘Makeover madness’ by turning the model into a plastic doll. It again shows how plastic surgery distorts normal facial features, in the attempt to appear youthful. Steven Meisel doesn’t shy away from topics that have depth, he actually turns them into art, and that’s what makes him so great.

“Makeover Madness”




“Face the Future”




Helmut Newton was another iconic fashion photographer. His work is easily recognisable, because of its black and white pictures. He started shooting them at Vogue and worked with other major fashion magazines. His pictures were provocative and always had a different narrative to them. Also, he had published several books, including ‘World without Men’, ‘Private Property’, ‘Pola woman’ and many others.


“Le Smoking” for YSL




Contemporary fashion photographer Mario Testino is also an influential photographer. He photographed for established and well – known fashion magazines, such as Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, Love Allure and others. Testino is known for capturing movement and tradition in his pictures, that’s why he shot Diana’s, princess of Wales photos for Vanity Fair cover. After that, many royals of Europe have asked him to photograph them as well.



In the 90’s he has collaborated with major fashion houses, such as Tom Ford and Gucci to create their promotional campaign’s pictures. He has also elevated careers of supermodels Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen.





These fashion photographers are iconic, because all have a strong style to their work, and an aesthetic that ‘could make you look better than you could imagine, not in your wildest dreams, but at the remotest end of possibility.”




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