Fashion as a medium to express political views

The world we live in today is extremely vocal when it comes to certain issues. Millennials are more proactive than the previous generation was. Caring about the things that happen, and bravely voicing opinions defines them as being politically active and involved.

The fashion world was usually apolitical and standing aside because it did not want to get involved in politics. But these two worlds are finally merging with designers expressing their anger and protest through clothes. It is a medium for expressing their political views.

Previously, there have been protests against animal cruelty, and fashion was on the wrong side of an argument. Animal rights activists would attack those wearing fur, leather or any other animal product.


Now, many people want their clothes and lifestyle to be eco – friendly. Fashion companies have been forced to pay attention to these issues that people find important. Designers, such as Stella McCartney speak for PETA and ensure the ethical running of the company. They are turning fashion industry into a better place, through their values.

After Trump has been elected as a president (and he is best known for his remarks demeaning women and immigrants in the US). Women united worldwide to show support to the protest in Washington, and marched against “opposition to the values they think Trump represents.”(CNN, 2017).

That is when designers started creating collections expressing their views since now it concerned not only others but them as well.


Feminism is the new trend in fashion, and creators are openly protesting Trump’s government that they believe is against women.


In New York Fashion Week, CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) have teamed up with Planned Parenthood. Designers have worn pins, to show solidarity with women who want to be in control of their own bodies, and have information about planning a family.


Marchesa designers

Another designer Prabal Gurung has created Hillary Clinton’s support T – shirts, and is now taking feminist issues to the runway, with slogan shirts, similar to Dior’s.


As a pressure increased for the Trump family, Ivanka Trump’s fashion line was dropped by Nordstrom, Gilt, Belk and other stores. It shows that the joint effort can affect retailers and how they perceive certain brands.


As a result, of these events, there are many political groups, with each having an agenda to fulfil. Designers have also taken sides, and the two worlds of fashion and politics have finally merged.




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