Female power dressing

Power dressing highlights the power, it is especially important in politics, where politicians need to have charisma so that the masses would believe and follow them.

This season power dressing with a twist is all the rage. Females in politics have made many fashion statements with their pant/skirt suits, shoulder pads and blue colour.

No male politician fashion was as analysed as Theresa May’s leopard kitten heel. Daily Mail has called her a ‘Steel Lady’, The Sun was more vulgar: “Meow . . . Theresa May has got her kitten heels well under No 10’s table”. After she has been elected as a Prime Minister her style was inspected and talked about even more. She was compared to Margaret Thatcher, as she was also a powerful female politician in the 80’s and a fashion icon, known for her pussy bow blouses and skirts.

However, now the times are changing and female politicians are not pressured to dress like men to be taken seriously. Theresa May’s kitten heel symbolises exactly that: liberation to appear feminine in a male – majority environment. It is empowering, and that is what power dressing is all about.

Michelle Obama has also redefined fashion in politics. Her predecessors, such as Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush wore more traditional trousers and jacket combination, whilst Mrs Obama has been more informal, showing her arms, and legs, in dresses and skirts.

Michelle Obama

Hillary Clinton was another woman that did not shy away from colourful pantsuits as well. Although black is a dominant colour in politics, she has used colour to her advantage and appeared more approachable and friendly.


Women in power are not afraid of breaking the usual dress code “rules” anymore, and it shows just how much female politicians fashion changed over the years.






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