Academy Awards 2017

Oscar awards ceremony is a prestigious red – carpet event, where the best of the film industry gather to claim awards. It is known not only for films but for fashion as well. There have been many iconic looks, since the start of Oscars in 1927.


Angelina Jolie in Versace, 2012.


Charlize Theron in Gucci, 2004.


Björk in Marjan Pejoski, 2001.

89th Oscars got political: celebrities, such as Ruth Negga, Karlie Kloss, Busy Philipps and Emma Stone all wore blue ribbons to support ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). The organisation that has been operating for 100 years have contacted all the important nominees, asking to promote their campaign called ‘Stand with the ACLU’. This was a reaction to Trump’s election, ensuring vulnerable groups, such as LBTQ and immigrants’ rights are protected, and general civil rights are defended.

Various media outlets have differently covered Oscars ceremony. For example, Vogue had a full coverage of the event, with who wore what in after – parties,  a complete list of Oscar winners, and all celebrity looks from the red carpet, just to mention a few.

Guardian Online focused on a political element, describing Oscar’s mood as “Political upset is the new normal” referring to ACLU blue ribbons and writing about protests against Trump’s presidency, in fashion and entertainment worlds.

Telegraph have briefly mentioned an argument between Meryl Streep and Chanel, with Chanel accusing Streep of changing her mind to wear the brand last minute, just because she did not get paid for wearing the gown. It also writes about nominees and shortly summarises two main styles on a red carpet: old – school and political.

Fashion magazines websites, such as Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar did not write much, instead, they have included a full gallery of all Oscar Awards looks and specified which designs celebrities wore.

To conclude, media has covered the event throughout, mentioning all the main happenings in the event. Whilst fashion websites mainly focused on Oscar Awards looks, broadsheets brought a more political element into it.



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