NYFW Street Style

NY is known for its street style, where looks are better than on the runway. I will be analysing key looks from NYFW and analysing the outfits anatomy, as well as trends the guests were wearing.


Mixing hoodie with a trench coat is not an easy task, however, she nailed it by rolling the sleeves up, and paring the ensemble with a baseball hat to turn it into the chic sporty look.


Balenciaga’s leather jacket with fur is the focus of the outfit – bold logo and oversized sleeves make this look very on – trend.



Puffa jackets were seen everywhere across NY. The bigger, and puffier, the better.



Tracksuit has never been as popular as it is in 2017. It’s even considered fashionable to go out in a matching one, just like in 2000’s! Heels save this outfit and make it look more formal.


Fur coats were one of the key clothing items seen on the streets of New York. Band T – shirt and leather trousers give out the ‘rebel child’ look.



Inspired by Dior’s slogan T – shirt ‘We should all be feminists’; the group have all wore slogan shirts to promote feminism messages. Feminism has become a trend on its own.



Small cross – body bags were seen on the streets as well. It is one of the key accessories to transform the look from boring, to more eye – catching.



Frilled light wash denim jeans paired with metallic platforms make up the 80’s look, that is everywhere now – from dresses and boots to bold, bright makeup and crazy hair.








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