Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration

One interesting fashion collaboration that has happened in January is LV x Supreme collection. It is quite unusual collaboration, with Louis Vuitton being a luxury brand, and Supreme being a skater’s sports brand. However, the collection presented on FW 2017 menswear show at Paris Fashion Week proved that you can have the best of two worlds, by mixing street style pieces, such as a baseball hat and pants chains with classic wardrobe staples like tailoring coat, as well as two – piece suits.


Supreme pieces were mainly incorporated as accessories ranging from bright signature orange colour cross body bags to trunks with LV monogram. The overall style of the collection was slouchy and relaxed, yet some pieces provided structure and masculine element. The collection is the embodiment of ‘more is more’.


The crowd’s favourites were keychains, wallets, bandanas and other low – key accessories that weren’t heavily branded and more practical. It shows that people prefer items that they can mix and match, or maybe even wear every day.


Overall, this collection has taken many fans and fashion industry insiders by surprise. The rumours about it were there, but collaboration was kept well – hidden until the very last minute. Some call it a ‘historic moment’, where two radically different brands, with almost same logos, embraced their similarities and put aside the differences to create a new, more diverse fashion world, where luxury brands aren’t afraid to join forces with high – street brands.






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