Cultural influences on UK/Manchester

Culture is defined by Livescience (2015) as “Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.”



The United Kingdom has a wide mix of cultures, and inevitably adopted some of the elements from other countries. In London, there are over 270 nationalities and each culture influences UK’s own culture. There are many shops and restaurants/cafes in Manchester opened by European and Asian owners, and it makes British cuisine more diverse and offers more choices for people with different tastes. There is a clear cultural influence from Europe and Asia in this area since people are adopting the meals to British culture and cook it themselves at home.



English language was influenced by Indo – European and Germanic languages. Its roots derive from West Germanic and Southern Denmark conquerors from the 5-6th centuries AD. Vikings also influenced the language in the 850 bringing many North Germanic words that later were adopted in North of England.



Christianity is the main religion in the UK, which was first introduced by the Roman occupation in the 7th century. However, there are many more religions in the UK, precisely 170 counted in. The minority of religion mainly consists of Muslims, Hindus, Jews. They have a great impact on British culture. For example, in supermarkets retailers sell halal meat to appeal to the Muslim consumer, as well as Kosher meat to fit the dietary requirements of a Jewish population. Another retailer M&S controversially started selling ‘burkinis’ – burqua bikini’s, with some British people protesting the brand as they support oppression of women.


Music and Art

The music and art have never been so diverse as it is in biggest cities, such as London and Manchester. It has a flourishing cultural scene, with many people coming from all around the world to enjoy various festivals, concerts, exhibitions, fashion and more. Manchester is well known for fashion, having its own fashion week with a diversity of models, organisers, bloggers and influencers. Its shopping has Manchester Arndale shopping centre, indoor markets, independent boutiques and more.




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