Sustainable & ecological lifestyle

In the past year, the interest in veganism has grown almost 300% amongst British. People are becoming more conscious about the environment and they are taking action to help the planet become a better place.

Society has started taking more care of their health, with millennials prioritizing it as one of the most important values. There are recreational spas, sports complex, and the increasing number of people who meditate daily. They choose bicycle instead of a car, or an uber – communal transport. Social media and magazines also promote the idea of being fit and healthy.

In beauty, consumers are being more careful with the brands they choose, with many who prefer makeup with natural ingredients, without chemicals and cruelty – free treatment of animals, as well as their testing.

Animal activists are also not shying away of showing that they do not support leather and fur products and this impacts fashion in a great way.


In 2016 PETA created a video in a pop – up store about what seemingly beautiful handbags are really made of, and made many consumers rethink their purchases:

More and more people are choosing natural, sustainable materials, such as hemp, linen, organic cotton, and bamboo. Vivienne Westwood is one of the most important vegan designers to shape the thinking of the consumer in the right direction and rebel against the rules. She even said that: “fashion is a horrible thing”. She made a few collections showcasing clothes made from recycled materials, as well as spreading awareness of climate change and other important eco – messages.


Less is more tactic applies now more than ever, sustainable fashion followers do not chase every trend, and a must – have item. They have built their own ‘everyday uniforms’ consisting of same, basic, but highly versatile colours and designs. Instead of buying impulse purchases, they calculate carefully if they really need it, and then buy it.

Their behaviour definitely contributes the society, and make world a better place to live, with less waste, and termination of unethical sweat – shop labour.


Cosmopolitan, February, 2016.





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