Genderless beauty

Men are taking fashion and beauty scene by the storm, more than ever before. The norm that makeup is only for women is being shattered. Now, it is becoming a new trend, and major makeup companies are choosing men, who wear makeup to be featured on the advertisements, or as brand ambassadors.

Maybelline has recently announced that Manny Gutierrez, who is a YouTube beauty guru, will become its first male brand ambassador. It is a good strategic PR move from Maybelline, since not only he has many followers on social media, but is also breaking gender stereotype. However, many people have become enraged, because Manny is known to be controversial, and that might fuel the end of this collaboration.


Covergirl has also enlisted a 17 year old student James Charles – the new Coverboy, and aspiring makeup artist, into its campaign. It started when he has posted a yearbook photo online wearing makeup and it has received lots of attention on Instagram and Twitter. Covergirl decision to feature him is definitely portraying the brand as modern and trend – forward.


Wearing makeup for men is a novelty nowadays, but it is changing. Men are becoming more comfortable with wearing makeup products, and the two brand ambassadors mentioned above are inspiring others, and taking the stigma away that beauty products can only be used by women.




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