Evening wear trends

  1. Sequins. They are favourite amongst the party goers, the trend was inspired by the 80’s glitz and glam, with designers creating collections with strong shoulder pads & sequinned dresses. One of the most popular style still remains a classic, mini sequin dress.

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2. Velvet has recently flooded shops with many colours available, most popular are jewel tones: red, green and blue. It has become a must – have item for chilly nights, because velvet is made out of thicker fabric and makes you warmer.


  1. Lace. Lace dress is one of the most important clothing items in every party girl’s wardrobe. It is mainly in darker, saturated colours, but in 2017 it gets an update with either long sleeves, or off – shoulders model and lace that extend dress hemline further.


  1. Minimalistic midi dress has taken over, with Kardashians popularising midi bodycon midi dresses. The trendy midi dress has a high split, and a casual slip/cami dress appearance.











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