Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta is joining Burberry, Tom Ford and Gucci by fusing its men and women collections together. Instead of four men’s and women’s collections there will be only two collections annually – September and February. As Gucci CEO Marco Bizzari said: “Maintaining two separate, disconnected calendars has been a result of tradition rather than practicality.” Fashion is breaking free from old norms and traditions, and instead going down the path that is more sensible and rational.


Another change is the ‘see now, buy now’ aspect. Many designers, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss & Vivienne Westwood introduced it this year. Buying products straight from runway is a new concept in fashion industry, when usually people need to wait a long time to get what they have seen on runways months ago. It is a big improvement and a step forward definitely. More fashion brands are joining the runway – to – retail strategy and responding to customer’s wishes to make collections shoppable instantly online and in stores. That might seriously boost many designer’s sales.





The new see-now-buy-now fashion



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