Virtual reality and fashion

It sounds like a far – fetched future, but it’s happening now. Brands want to increase their popularity (brand awareness) and earnings, therefore, virtual reality is a perfect way to do that.

Companies, such as Topshop, Dior and Balenciaga use virtual technology as part of their marketing strategy. Topshop used virtual reality headsets to broadcast runway shows from A/W’14 collection in their stores, Balenciaga gave the guests VR sets to view the collection in a fashion show, whilst Dior designed its own VR sets.


It is mostly used in stores, where customers can try on clothes, and see how it looks on them in a kinetic screen, or browse through a selection of products and check the prices. Tommy Hilfiger is one of the brand’s that include virtual reality in the stores. As Tommy Hilfiger’s CEO Daniel Grieder said: “It’s not about turnover by square foot anymore. It’s about surprise by square foot, or newness.”


Designers are now collaborating with tech companies to design fashionable electronics gadgets that consumers can wear, for example, running trackers, watches, virtual reality headsets. That’s where functionality meets fashion.


Another news is that in the future there might be virtual reality fitting rooms, where customers will no longer wait around to see if the clothes fit them. Virtual reality mirrors should monitor the measurements, thus enabling easy and fuss free experience.

The future is here – and it’s exciting to see what fashion fused with technology will create.


Dior Creates Custom VR Headsets For Backstage Access


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